the measured wall 1984

The wall can be considered everywhere not only as a possible object with different definitions and functions, but it can be existent as a symbol within a large community like for example a society, between groups, between persons, as well as for each individual. The wall, reflecting itself in the respective photograph or / and in the entire exhibition, represents an identity (through the photographs and their representation) with reality and therefore allows the spectators to develop their sensitivity for the reality – that is: – between East and West Berlin, – being walled in, – constricted, – feeling oneself divided by boundaries. All the same the wall with its presumption to avoid human contact, nowadays has attained its own redundancy due to the efforts made for peaceful coexistence. The wall, „measured“ in its kind (art), has been actually measured by us within the limits of photographic possibilities.


    definite article


    having taken the measurement of

wall …?

    • could be defined as:

– wailing wall

– barrier

– limit; border; frontier

– antifascist fortification

– advertising pillar

– letter-box

– historical-political work of art

– stone(s)